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Dojo - Free Vertical Business Card PSD by robby-designs Dojo - Free Vertical Business Card PSD by robby-designs
'Dojo' is 4 vertical business card designs in one easy-edit PSD.

You get a choice of four designs:
  1. a free hairdresser business card design
  2. free photographer business card template
  3. free web design business card template
  4. free art business card template

If you like it please tell your friends or consider donating some points.

Yes you CAN
- Add a preview image to your website, Blog or social media promoting my freebie(s) as long as you LINK to me as the creator and link to the download PAGE on my site or my DeviantArt account
- Use my freebie(s) on ONE client or personal project without attributing me or my website

No you CAN'T
x Redistribute in any way (including offering the zip directly or hotlinking) any of my freebies. Send users to MY site or DeviantArt page
x Turn my freebie(s) into something to sell or give away

I enforce this license
Google Images, theme marketplaces, blogs - these are just a few of the ways I check for those who choose to ignore this license / plagiarise my work. I am not here to benefit a scumbag. For that reason I ALWAYS enforce this license.

Click the 'Download' button on the top right of this page (you don't have to be a member of DeviantArt to download).
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